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Hospice Care

Hospice Care is our highest level of care. This is for patients who have been told by their doctor that they have an illness with a prognosis of six months or less and that there isn't anything else that can be done to improve their condition.

What is provided?

Our hospice patients are assigned a nurse case manager that will visit you at home to make sure you are receiving personalized care in your home. We provide all wound care supplies, medical equipment and things that the insurance companies won't cover – like a wheelchairs, oxygen machines and shower chairs. We provide all the medication, which is delivered to your door. 

We will also assign a certified nursing assistant to help you with daily living and personal care such as bathing, hair care, nail care, light housekeeping and meal preparation. 


Benefits of Hospice Care

Remember, even though you might have a  terminal illness it doesn't mean life is over. We are here to make sure you live the rest of your life as pain free and comfortable as possible. Every person needs and wants different things. We are here to support each individual. . Those we care for can focus on spending time with their families, living pain-free wherever they call home.

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What to Expect

What happens after you complete your session with a Care Navigator?

One of our clinicians will come to your home and do a physical assessment.
We will work with your other doctors and look at your clinical records to get a full picture of your needs. 
If appropriate, our team will let you know that you have qualified for hospice care and our services will begin.
A nurse will come to your home within 48 hours. They will order all medical equipment and medications to be delivered to your home.

An aide will come to your home to assist in house keeping and hygiene needs. 
A Social Worker will come to your home within 48 hours to learn about other needs and answer questions.

A Spiritual Counselor will come to your home within 48 hours to provide spiritual support and ask if interested in our volunteer services. 
Medical Equipment and medications will be delivered to your home within the first week of being on True Heart Hospice.
Your team will establish a schedule that works for you on a weekly and monthly basis to support you or your loved one in your home. 
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